Sunday, 6 May, 2007

let's pretend again

i am standing here all alone
in a moment those days are gone
i ve forgotton the pain i had
listen to me girl ....
dont need you sexually
well, i just love you actually
come on,come lets pretend again.

my breath wont help me rise
your thought makes me realize
this love made me search my soul
why cant you accept that whole
you are the one
not worth my love
just believin wont help
you need to be sane
come on, come lets pretend again.

its just a thought
only a thought
if you are the one i love truely
its got to be a dream simply
there's nothing i got
thats truely mine
all i got is a reason to smile
and you aint anywhere in this game
still if you wanna try
come on, come lets pretend again.

lets decide the terms
all the rules of this game
so when the time comes
i have nothing
but my heart to blame...
though u ll be leaving first
still i gonna stay
i love to make you cry
enjoy watching you in pain

come on , come LET'S PRETEND AGAIN.......

--------------- love to be JUSMYTH------------

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