Thursday, 15 February, 2007

Words for u ( guest composition ) **

if you love me dear
then i hate you for loving me
and if you hate me
i love you for that
stop staring,
my reflection in your eyes
haunts me now
and yet i can't resist catching your glances
those penetrating ones
the ones no one else seems to notice
and yet i am the one confused
and down, and dark, and doomed
for no good reason you see
people shut up!
your discussions are deafening
i've been longing
to say this to all
all those who think
they care for me: fuck you!
and to you, my dear
if you think you are in love with me
then i'll let you die in my love
and if you think you are not
then please don't go to hell
coz i no more want to see your shadow around.

------- composed by PRABAL CHAKRABORTY---------

( hope i m rite with ur last name this time brother )


its nothing new
lying awake staring the dark,
but this time i m thinking
just thinking to my self
why do u do it
do it again and again
when u know i ll be hurt
when u know i ll be alone,
the anger within burts again
reasons are all still unknown
i know i m missing something
i m naive & undergrown

then the silence reminds me of u
u are the one who still close to me
why u do such things to me
tell me girl dont u love me ??

speechless? ah that u aint
whats the reason then
why dont i hear from u now
come back !!! i know u missing me too
ur taciturnity kills me girl !!!!
i wanna live .....
---------- JUSMYTH ( u still dont know me ) -------------

that wasn't a LIE ( guest composition ) **

WHY am i here
WHEN she's is there
waitng for some one
some one that's me

she hates me now
but cant get her outa my mind
she no longer wants to talk
she believes i told a lie

I stood up wid her present
that was a mistake i made
but i dont give a damn now
still dont know why
cant get her outa my mind

she played the game
and said good bye
she didn't like me telling her the LIE

oh GOD !! tell her
that wasn't a lie
for her i dont exist anymore
she still thinks i m a mad man !!!

i still wanna lie again .........

i love u ***** !!!!

original creation by

-------saurabh chhabra™-------
( room mate to jasmeet singh )


unnecessary fingering wid words done by

-------jusmyth™----------( u still dont know me )**

disclaimer : the author holds all rights of the content , copying is
strictly prohibited


hey girl ,
ya u there...
jusmyth is no game to play
dont go for the rules
u hav already lost me
f**k u !!!!

u've started? now feel the pain
get this done i bet
u ll never remember me again
u dont really wanna trust, do u
f**k you !!!!

i m a real bad devil
better dont take my place
u really dont know me
and i can be no more jusmyth,
Y shud i ??
f**k u !!!!

its hard to tell u
how much u hurt me
every now and then
by the end i loose hope
and loose my self
u make me believe
this is wat i ought to be


i love U ***** !!!!

dont play wid me girl
u ll get nothing
will end up self destructed
better stay away , will u ?
plz plz do it for me coz i am jus

-----jusmyth™----------( u really dont know me )**

**disclaimer: I already warned u abt proceeding witfully ,_I_,

i love u my angel

You are the angel That lifted me high
Above the grass and seaTo the sky!
You are the angel That lit me afire
Ablaze with passion Endlessly higher!
You are the angel That brought me romance
Spinning my still days Into a dance!
You are the angel My gentle, sweet dove
Keeping my every dayFilled with love

You are my angel
My angel of love

"waiting for u"
-- yours JUSMYTH


JUSMYTH (eng.) / džüŠ-mŸ‡h / n.

An animal so lost in
rapturous contemplation of what he thinks he is as to overlook what he
indubitably ought to be.