Sunday, 6 May, 2007


These words explain whats really real
its not actually the pain what you feel
have you ever read your mind
you aint imbecile jus left far behind

grow up ! its time to love urself
shed ur senses and fall for thyself
you gotta find a way to hold on.Right?
look into my eyes . m gonna make u mine.

for next 30 seconds
you gonna enter the thought mode
hey no need to runaway
theres no end to this road...
just wanna tell you the truth
theres no one for you ....
is it me or is it you ....
tell me what i can do ....
this life is amazing aint you?
theres an alley made of glass
walking aimlessly wont help u last..
you have had enough trust in ppl around
jus give urself a moment
and hear ur heart make that sound
try looking over my shoulder
you ll certainly reach higher
u gotta feel no feelings
thats not true no way
no no no not at all
jus break this illegible wall..
now its just the time to be wise
forget all pain and far cries
jus come with me and open ur eyes
i ll help you look beyond all lies
see you r now running outa reasons to cry
lets give jus another try
common you got no choice
jus come with me,
come with me to my hospice...

Hospice : 1. A lodging for travelers.
2. A program of medical and emotional care for the terminally ill.

-----------------------love to be jusMYTH----------------------

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