Tuesday, 3 April, 2007

this aint no sad one again

this aint no sad one again
no hatred no cries
not another source of pain,
no reasons left to hide it
its all what you know
inside i am still the same
help me decide it
before i could breathe again...

i know when your lips react
reading them is wat i am good at,
i really wanna make things right
the night once again is quite...
for me your sound is so real,
just dont know what to feel.
is it the irony of situation?
maybe for u this aint no emotion...

i dont wanna miss another chance
oh dear suggest some better plans
i got one more chance
to do it right
and its tonight...
just make it quick and real
and i promise and its no big deal
just tell me this is our final game
and this aint gonna happen again....

this one is for all those who envy my vast imagination .... fuck u _I_
( u ll never know me ... stop wasting your time on me )

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