Thursday, 15 March, 2007

My Angel awaits your Heavens to Rain

i swear i have seen this before
i am not sure if it was long ago
for me its just a night too slow
i wanna see ur angels cry behind
wanna reach my angel, still benign.

i love when you hit me through
too less to die and still wont loose
i spent an entire death in ur heaven
oh gawd please send me to earth again
my angel awaits your heavens to rain ........

was born a cherub but wanna die human
i am dying to die again
last i saw death was ages ago
stop abducting my breath
kill me in a blow, just one go
i dont wanna take it slow
try once more....

open these doors and lemme go
ur love is killing me oh gawd
wat d fuck!!! please lemme go
bestow me wid ur pain
o paleeeez ,kill me again ..........
my angel awaits your heavens to rain....

days after days night after night
time went away, her sight still bright
if u think u love me more , u must be crazy
u can hit me kill me sway me
but she's the one who still holds me.
i promise to come back again
but right now.............
my angel awaits your heavens to rain.......

wanna make a last wish
just give me a death in no time
flip me kick me drop me from sky
go on and on, better take another try
i wanna go back and see her again
wid the colour of tears and taste of pain
my angel awaits your heavens to rain......

i ll reach u......
wait for me .......

DISCLAIMER- gawd here has nothing to do with GOD ..... its totally imaginary figure .....

--------------i love to be JUSMYTH ( u ll never know me ) ------------------