Friday, 7 September, 2007

tired of running

I am steady here,livin it out
dont know what i wanna know
aint getting any closer
no matter how far i go.

cant go back and remove the past
dont know which day will be the last
just ahead i can see the dead end
yet i have to move with the bend.

all my processes have slipped away
everything s making me freak,
i am tired and i am weak
but am trying not to get blown away
holding it on,may be one more try its okay.

seems these days nobody's got brains
stop fucking these are serious games
histories and mysteries both fuck me now
oh please stop robbing me
i am tired of running.

where i am and where i used to be
can you tell by taking a look at me
is that making u feel bigger anyway
i know i could have changed many things
but i aint gonna wake up this morning
i am tired of running.

nothing can stop me now
am living with none to rely on
thats the way its ought to be
go outside and envy
but this time u gotta be on ur own
coz i think its just me
and i am tired of running.