Tuesday, 1 April, 2008

As Thou Thinketh!!!

Right or Wrong ? Good or Bad ? True or False ? These simple yet quite thoughtful questions often surround us every minute we think of something.But,is there any proper method to decide which option will be best. For me its an obvious "NO" . Depending on a given situation my decision might differ from that as it might had been, had i be at some other place , in some other time or may be completely different person .

Since birth we all have a tendency of making decisions depending upon the people or the consequences which will directly result from our just a simple "YES" or "NO".I still remember those days of adolescence when my dad used to tell me " no beta ! this isn't the right time to do it " or my mom occasionally yelling at me " that's no way to talk to your younger sister " . At that time i couldn't make out why its wrong for me when my friends and my cousins can do it. I just used to hold myself thinking why am i not allowed whats right or wrong for me. After all i am sensible and big enough now.Now after twenty one years of my quest to understand this irony of situation, I have finally reached a conclusion that nothing is Right or Wrong. Nothing is Good or Bad. But the other way round, for every good there exists something bad.whenever you realize something is correct , in no time you will also find something incorrect related to it. quite confusing isn't it It's ought to be confusing.Nothing is universally correct , good , true or any other positive adjective you can think of at this time.

So as long as we have different ways of thinking this act of vacillation will be present throughout. "ITS ALL WHAT YOU THINK THAT MATTERS"