Monday, 2 April, 2007


Gratuitous : [gruh-too-i-tuhs, -tyoo-] :
Being without apparent reason, cause, or justification .

Confession: /kənˈfɛʃən/ [kuhn-fesh-uhn] : A formal, usually written, acknowledgment of guilt by a person accused of a crime.


Now let me explain you the main reasons why i have given the literal meaning of these two words above...

Its nothing like i wanna help anybody improve their vocab... but the explanation of these 2 words is very much inevitable..

first of all what this confession is about this u can read below ... but who is confessing is very interesting ( atleast to me and could be for you , if you know why this confession was done ).

These are the words of a very very dear friend of mine (since too much affection is shown so it has to be a famale friend :lolz: he he he )....

LET me mention how she confessed to me in her own way ....

One fine Evening i recieved her e-mail which carried this letter of confession as an attachment ..Now before proceeding further let me guess who in this world uses MS word to type in a letter and then use it as an attachment that too when its nothing of formal letter sort of thing ... no problems she is like this only ( i m goona get a real tough time ahead for me if she reads this... waat laga degi yaar woh :-P ) ...

Chalo till now it was ok ... may be she forgot that gmail also provides a space to type in your text message.... but the real problem started when i was completly baffled by her writting style ... ( not to point out but where was her sense of tenses.... sab ulta seedha likhti hai ... zeeks .... meri to lagi samjho ab )

NOw let me Explain why it was a A gratuitous CONFESSION

THis girl knows what kinda person i m and she knows i never get mad on her , that too when i knew she was not in her senses ( at the time when she thought she did something wrong to me ).So the only word that came to my mind when i read her mail for the first time was gratuitous ( i know DEAR u ll be rushing for a dictionary after this he he eh .... dont forget i have mentioned its meaning in the beginning )


The only thing i wanna say to u is , DEAR i really loved the way u confessed wat was actually not required , atleast not between u and me .... this is a really sweet gesture from your side but dont forget what i told u before u mailed me this letter ....

And i really didnt mind wateva happened that night .... it was all so natural and i dont blame u for that ... It happens with everybody who faces that situation for the first time .....So dont keep blaming urself for it .. Else u know wat i ll do .....



I did a sin yesterday I think…ab maine jab kal ki chat padhi hai I realize wat I was doing…. I m very sorry ( dear ).. u knw I was never like this.. the only time I was I discussed tht wid u .
Please try nt loosing ur trust ( if any) on me.
I knw I have done a very bad thing… wat I told will b there forever tht I can’t leave old frds for new… and of course no 1 cn replace a frd in 1’s life…
I wont take much time of urs .
Take care
Wen I wrote the msg. I hadn’t read d chat .
So pls don’t mind aur mujhe budhdhu samajh ke maaf kar dena ok.


DISCLAIMER : The display of your letter is not meant to hurt ur feelings DEAR.... i just want to tell that this is the sweetest letter i ever got ( if any ) from a girl .... he he he lolz..... no seriously ... thank you for being the real you when u are with me .... god bless you ...

------------JUSMYTH ( now u know me a little little ) --------------

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