Friday, 4 January, 2008

Mr dont give a fuck

my words always stab me right in the head
you wont get them else youll be in mess
but you can if you were a fag or a lil less
trying to explain you the best
take the pain my hands address
i cant make out the reasons
for cold sweat down your spine
the uninvited december rain
or is it the fear of being divine
am not a shirt lifter not a sapphic either
call me mr dont give a fuck
i know you gonna do that neither
i dont write even a word
but each time its gettin more absurd
whisper softly the shit you've got
thats gonna give me so much composure
hey wait ,why am i not getting any closer
well this fucking thing needs to get over
ok i am done, i already came twice
now,its your turn,be wise
read the warning about the parental advice.

warning: explicit content parental discretion is advised

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