Friday, 4 January, 2008

Afraid This Time

i never did , i never did
i never told you,i am sorry
but u never asked
i loved ,and still love
may be more than i ever had

just hold my hand
its no good saying it,
i wanna make you understand
that voice, mocks the heaven's bell
and those eyes,hold me from hell.

I had honored you,
but my angel I had loved.
save me from doing this crime
sorry dear, but am afraid this time....

If you can count my pain,
you will definitely see
In my own skin I could feel
the effects of this fate
and I taste them with my soul

with her,rises of a scent of mirth
only her memory am holding since birth,
wish i don't hurt you,
yes, you got it right,
sorry dear, but am afraid this time....

In this fair city for first time,
whose visions flash so bright
waiting with burning impatience
hmm,she loves roses,but only white.

By whom my hopes are fed
and her love still in my head
running out of words
let my love mime,
sorry dear,but am afraid this time.

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