Friday, 18 April, 2008

My notebook from standard four

I still remember those restless times
and those when everything around me relaxed
but this evidence of my first admiration
this cant be real , this isn't hallucination
after thirteen years i am holding again
and in heavens name i cant believe
in this, her serene smile i store
i found my notebook from standard four

that perfect silhouette
let me check if i could get,
drawn on last page in black and grey
that's exactly where my memories stray
yes its still here, and she's the same
goat mam ya that was her name
now what can i ask more
i found my notebook from standard four

she was my angel from the promised land
i remember the first time she touched my hand
promise it wasn't the fools day
and i still cherish those memories in my own way
i loved watching her page after page
i wish it was my self abusing age
anyways its like an ancient lore
i found my notebook from standard four

year 1996 and age of ten, i admit plum
i could n even reach above her bosom
even if i stood on the table
with my friends i never shared this fable
wish i told her about my infatuation
and now in final year of my graduation
i can still see her in the colorless apparel she wore
because , i have found my notebook from standard four................

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