Thursday, 15 February, 2007

Words for u ( guest composition ) **

if you love me dear
then i hate you for loving me
and if you hate me
i love you for that
stop staring,
my reflection in your eyes
haunts me now
and yet i can't resist catching your glances
those penetrating ones
the ones no one else seems to notice
and yet i am the one confused
and down, and dark, and doomed
for no good reason you see
people shut up!
your discussions are deafening
i've been longing
to say this to all
all those who think
they care for me: fuck you!
and to you, my dear
if you think you are in love with me
then i'll let you die in my love
and if you think you are not
then please don't go to hell
coz i no more want to see your shadow around.

------- composed by PRABAL CHAKRABORTY---------

( hope i m rite with ur last name this time brother )

1 comment:

jusmyth said...

brother the words u have potrayed are awesome...... but wud hav loved it more if knew the story behing them .... abe sab se ladta hee rahega to kio ni aane waali .. anyways ...... hope to hear the good news abt her soon ....