Thursday, 15 February, 2007

that wasn't a LIE ( guest composition ) **

WHY am i here
WHEN she's is there
waitng for some one
some one that's me

she hates me now
but cant get her outa my mind
she no longer wants to talk
she believes i told a lie

I stood up wid her present
that was a mistake i made
but i dont give a damn now
still dont know why
cant get her outa my mind

she played the game
and said good bye
she didn't like me telling her the LIE

oh GOD !! tell her
that wasn't a lie
for her i dont exist anymore
she still thinks i m a mad man !!!

i still wanna lie again .........

i love u ***** !!!!

original creation by

-------saurabh chhabra™-------
( room mate to jasmeet singh )


unnecessary fingering wid words done by

-------jusmyth™----------( u still dont know me )**

disclaimer : the author holds all rights of the content , copying is
strictly prohibited

1 comment:

saurabh said...

hey dude.... i know who u are...

and dude.... stop fingering with my poems... :P